Thursday, February 11, 2010

How’s that healthcare reform coming along?

Yesterday I spent the entire day, from 9am till 5pm, going to doctors. I had drops and pokes and tests where I stared at flashing lights till my eyes watered.

The conclusion...I have ocular hypertension. Same diagnosis as two doctors ago.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting my optical nerve (no immanent blindness, yeah!) but it can not be allowed to just go on. Besides the usual nerve damage and resulting glaucoma. I could also have vessel damage that would cause small aneurysms and blindness.

So, a lifetime of eye drops is in my future. They will control my pressure, but they will also change my eye color. My beautiful hazel eyes, that turn greenish when I cry, will become brown. Probably an ugly dirt brown, not even something chocolaty and lovely.

I paid all these doctors a co-pay of close to $50. Then I paid for special glaucoma tests that made my eyes hurt and tear. Then I paid an outrageous co-pay for prescription eye drops that I used for two days and was told to not use anymore. Today I will pay another ridiculous co-pay for more drops to "try"...

My husband says that no one can put a price on being able to see, but I think they are getting pretty close to mine.

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