Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Today's list is top ten funny bumper stickers....who has bumper stickers?!

I rarely see a good, old fashioned bumper sticker on a car anymore. It's always those oval ones with the initials of where you have been. My daughter and I will sit behind a car with one of those and try to figure out what RXI means. I am ashamed to say we have followed a car or two until we figure it out.

I did see a good one one day when I was waiting in front of our local middle school. A piece of crap, broken down jalopy had a big purple bumper sticker on it that said. "I like it in the ass." I am sure that middle schooler was so excited to have his mom (or dad) pick him up in that car! I wonder if it's true or are they just being funny?

I myself have one bumper sticker, "Proud Parent of a High Honor Student."  and it's no joke!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Another weekend of camping completed and enjoyed. This time we went to my husband's 25th high school reunion and camped. It was so fun. Any misgivings I had about being the uncool girl who married the popular boy were completely wrong, everyone was wonderful! Thank goodness we all grow up...

2. The heat is finally gone and now I can breath and accomplish things. It has rained the last two days and every where you go people are thrilled about it!

3. The 4-H Fair has started (hence the rain) and I look forward to it every year. Something about the animals, the taffy, the grease pole and the rides just gets me....it is summertime.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Slump Day

I hate Thursdays.



It is my least favorite day of the week. I know most people are getting excited as soon as Wednesday hits, but not me.

Thursdays at work are slow...super slow. It definitely does not require two people. So I end up standing around on my poor, old feet and thinking about all the things I COULD be doing, if I didn’t have to stand there and twiddle my thumbs.

I wrestle with calling in every Thursday. Should I? Will I? Why not?

I might...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Go the F**k to Sleep


This book slays me! I read about it in a publication at work months ago and I immediately told my director we had to get it for the library!

What poor mother or father hasn’t had that moment when you just look at your precious baby and say,

“Please, just go the fuck to sleep…”

I personally loved my time putting my little one to bed. I would rock her and sing to her and hold her till she feel asleep and then lay her in her crib.

I would also turn a hair dryer on or put her in a bouncy chair on the dryer. I would promise her whispered treasures if she would just close her eyes….please…just for a minute…

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

I love summer and the beach!! We don't go that often, but I do love the sand and the salt and even the seagulls dive bombing us for a morsel of food!

I wouldn't take my iPod to the beach, since I am sure it would get wet or sanding or broken some how, but if I did I would want to listen to my favorite beach songs.

Unfortunately, I don't really know how to work my iPod, therefore I do not have a play list of beach songs, I am a shuffle girl. So, IF I took my ipod and IF I knew how to work it this would be my shuffle list of Top 10 Favorite Beach Songs...

1. Toxic by Britney Spears (hopefully this is not an accurate representation of the water quality)
2. Wet the Bed by Chris Brown (the ocean is the worlds toilet)
3. Love Is All Around by Joan Jett (the beach is full of half naked people, so someone is getting some love I'm sure)
4. Marry You by Bruno Mars (see above)
5. Golden Years by David Bowie (a little sunburn turns golden with time)
6. There He Goes by Loretta Lynn ( In reference to the very old man in a Speedo, because every beach has one)
7. Firework by Katy Perry (fireworks on the beach is summer personified)
8. Life Your Life by T.I. ( Rihanna is the best part of this one)
9. My Adidas by Run DMC (personally, I prefer flip-flops for beach wear)
10. Oompa Loompa by The Oompa Loompa's (If you look like an Oompa Loompa it's time to pack up and leave the beach)

Now I want to get my suit on and go to the beach!! It's going to be 90 today, who's in ?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. It is hot, super hot, summertime hot...and I love it!
2. We have eaten dinner at our picnic table more in the last month than the entire time we have owned it.
3. Our garden is a jungle of tomato vines and zucchini flowers. I have already run out of ideas on what to make with it all...
4. My drink of choice this summer is sun tea....ice cold.
5. I caught myself thinking about Christmas the other day....
6. I am longing for a boat trip like we used to take when I was a kid.
7. I lifted the skirt on my bathing suit yesterday and got a sunburn on my pasty white thighs....ouch.
8. It was 85 degrees or more everyday this weekend and I baked a pie, a cake and a loaf of zucchini bread, because I wasn't quite hot enough.
9. I have barely knit this summer.
10. We went to a picnic Saturday and laughed in the shade with a beer and our friends...heaven.

Friday, July 15, 2011

my heart

Forever can never be long enough for me

To feel like I’ve had long enough with you

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wildly Inappropriate Comment #27,352

I recently took a few days of to go to the Adirondacks with friends and family. All my regular (I hesitate to call them normal) patrons at the library have been so thoughtful and sweet about missing me and inquiring about my trip.

Then comes Big D...

Today he asked if I enjoyed my vacation and where did I go anyway? I said we went camping in the Adirondacks and it was wonderful. I told him about the beauty and grandeur of our surroundings and finished up with my standard, "...and I didn't get eaten by a bear!"

To which he leaned down and mumbled into the book drop,

"I'd take care of that for you, honey."

Wow, really? I can hear you....