Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Today's list is top ten funny bumper stickers....who has bumper stickers?!

I rarely see a good, old fashioned bumper sticker on a car anymore. It's always those oval ones with the initials of where you have been. My daughter and I will sit behind a car with one of those and try to figure out what RXI means. I am ashamed to say we have followed a car or two until we figure it out.

I did see a good one one day when I was waiting in front of our local middle school. A piece of crap, broken down jalopy had a big purple bumper sticker on it that said. "I like it in the ass." I am sure that middle schooler was so excited to have his mom (or dad) pick him up in that car! I wonder if it's true or are they just being funny?

I myself have one bumper sticker, "Proud Parent of a High Honor Student."  and it's no joke!!!

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