Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I couldn’t make this shit up...

I took a call today at work, that was typical of the crazies that I deal with on a day to day bases. It was a little old lady with a bit of a sing song-y voice with just a hint of Long Island accent.  She called last week and had given me a 15 minute (detailed) description on the books she had out and that she might not get them done before the due date and if they were late she would feel horrible and she loves to go to the fair and she used to have a little dog and she doesn’t get out much anymore and you see how this went.

Well, she called again today because, you guessed it, she did not get the books done. I told her I would be happy to renew them for her.

“Thank you sweet heart...I just know I won’t make it over there...I have something on my toe...I’m just not sure what it is..."

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