Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Busy, But Nothing Happens

What has kept me so involved that I can’t sit down and type out a few words? Well, a 13th birthday, Easter and an early season camping trip have eaten up our days.

My sweet faced baby is a teen and there is no going back to those baby days. We took 7 girls out to dinner and a movie. The amount of money spent was astonishing.

We combined Easter and a camping trip, when an early April weekend reached an unbelievable 80 degrees.

I participated in a swap at Just One Miss. It was called The Dollar $$ Store Challenge. The idea was to go to a $1 store and spend $20 on different, random, fun items to send to your recipient. I had such fun shopping and packing my big box of goodies!! I did get it mailed out late, which is typical for me. The shipping to California was twice the price of the contents, but I know she will love everything!!!

Also typical for me, the box I received was not even worth a photograph. It was a package of cheap pens, some broken fridge magnets, some of her kids Easter candy and a set of fish S&P shakers...

I have not done one of these in years because they are usually so disappointing, but this one sounded fun.  I won’t try again.

We are on Spring Break around here this week. Our exotic locale is the backyard, where yard raking and raspberry planting await!

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