Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Books, Books, Books


Every year my Christmas gifts seem to have a theme. One year it was the kitchen Christmas. I got pots and pans, all kinds of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks, it was one of my favorites. One year was my electronic Christmas. I got an ipod, a laptop and a DS. That was a good one too.

This year was my book Christmas. My husband got me an awesome book that I was really excited to read.


It took a little doing, but I am finally really into it. I have the Swedish movie in my Netflix queue and that will be next on my list. I think the American version of this movie will be out sometime this year and I would like to have read it and seen the foreign movie before hand.

I also got an old favorite from my aunt.


Stephen King is one of my very favorite authors. He has written some real stinkers, but the good ones, are oh-so-good. I have wanted to read this one for awhile. I have heard it is more like his older books (The Stand, Misery, Carrie) and those are my very favorite works. It is a big one and is going to require a commitment. No laundry or dinner for days!

I also got some knitting books and a great decorating book from my wish list on Amazon. My sister and her boyfriend got my a gift card to the big A, so I will be getting more reading material for sure.

I used to be a huge reader, back in the days before knitting and facebook. I would like to get back to that. I have decided to read more this year and these new books are a good start!

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