Friday, March 18, 2011

long night...

Because I've been awake since 12:36am and sleep is not in my future...

i am:: exhausted
i want:: to sleep
i have:: eaten too much this St. Patricks day
i wish:: it was 9pm instead of 5am
i hate:: windy nights that keep me up
i miss:: my mom
i fear:: losing my family
i hear:: WIND
i search:: for new ideas
i wonder:: what my daughters life will be
i love:: my life right now
i ache:: when I get out of bed
i am not:: a patient person
i dance:: when I do the dishes
i sing:: all the time
i cry:: while watching the news each morning
i am not always:: as nice as I should be
i write:: because I want to remember
i confuse:: myself
i need:: my husband and daughter to hug me when I get home
i should:: go back to bed
my father thinks i am:: to grown up to need him
my mother thinks i am:: I wish I knew what she thought
my husband thinks i am:: too controlling
three things i'm often complimented for are:: My hair, my abilty to make you laugh and my cooking
what makes me happy:: camping
it upsets me when:: I don't get my way.

1 comment:

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww Lisa <3 I hate it when I can't sleep and I honestly do think you are my long lost sister! I hope today turns out to be a surprisingly good day for you and that you get an enormous amount of sleep tonight <3