Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Night Is Pizza Night



PIZZA!!!! (Internet shouting)

If I was stranded on a deserted island all I would need is my knitting and pizza, it sounds quite nice actually.

Pizza is my favorite food, hands down, no question. I like a lot of things, but I can't imagine a life without ever having pizza again.

We have a long history, pizza and I. When I was little it was Sunday nights with homemade pizzas at the grandparents for Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom and Walt Disney World.  When I got older every other Thursday when my mom got paid she brought home a Susie's Pizza, which was and still is, the best pizza I have ever eaten. Those night are so special to me now that I am older, because I realize what a big deal it was for her to do that for us. After high school I worked at a pizzeria and learned to make pretty good pie. I was a hit at my apartment, because I usually brought home a mistake pizza or one that didn't get picked up.

After my mom died my dad, sister and I survived on pizza for several months. My dad had gone from his mother's farm table to his wife's table and knew very little about grocery shopping. My sister and I were kids and knew less. So every night I brought home a pizza and wings and we ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now that I have my own family Friday night is pizza night. Momma works a long day helping the public to get smarter and then comes home tired and cranky. I am ready for my wine, pj's pizza. I usually start thinking about it about 3:30 and the anticipation grows....

...was that the door bell?

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  1. Hey, that looks really good...who makes a rustic pizza like that delivered to your door?