Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

I am a sucker for traditions. I love them. I love the security and comfort that comes with the repetitiveness of them. Christmas traditions are the  best and we have many...

1. Christmas Music - I could, and sometimes do, listen to Christmas music 24 hours a day. I am one of those people that is super excited when they start playing them on the radio in October.

2. Christmas Movies - We have a list of our favorite movies for each holiday. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. The Christmas one is the longest, we try to watch one a day until the 25th and then A Christmas Story marathon on TBS is usually in the background of our festivities.

3. Christmas Treats - My daughter and I make the same stuff every year. Fudge, white trash, truffles, peppermint bark, mincemeat cookies and buckeyes. This year we have been swallowed whole by pintrest and have discovered some delicious goodies that we may have to add to our list.

4. Mimosas - Christmas is a long day and I truly feel that you can't give it your best with out a mimosa for breakfast and a bloody mary for lunch. Who's with me?!

5. Christmas Pageants - We use to go to our church pageant when our girl was little. She was an angel one year, a sheep one year and one year she even got to be the Virgin Mary with her baby doll ,Jermaine Johnson, in her arms as the Baby Jesus.  Now that she is older we go to her chorus concert at school and I am always brought to tears by it.

6. Christmas Stories - I read the Little House on the Prairie books every winter. Almost every book has a Christmas celebration in it and I love to experience the joy of the holiday with Laura and her family.

7. The Bailey Girls Christmas - When I was growing up Christmas Eve was spent at my grandparents house with the whole family.  These memories are still some of my very favorite .  Shortly after I got married and had our daughter my grandparents packed up and moved to Florida for the winters. My aunts get us all together each year to celebrate and moan about being left behind. I look forward to it each year.

8. Christmas Presents - I love to wrap presents. I am on a life long quest for the perfect gift label. I turn on my itunes, Christmas music of course, and wrap away in my present cave. It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

9. Hu-Lane Farms - My husband and I had a December wedding and we went to a small tree farm here in town to get our trees and wreaths to decorate our hall with. We have gone back every year and the sweet, elderly couple that own the farm never forget us. They always wish us a happy anniversary. We have taken our girl with us since she was bundled in a baby snowsuit to hike out into the field and help her daddy cut down a tree. Now our 6' girl smiles down on cute Mrs. D and could pat her on the head if she wanted too.

10. Christmas Morning - My husband and always get up  go downstairs first and make our daughter wait at the top of the stairs. She has to sit up there until our coffee is ready. It is pure torture. This year we have a Keurig, she is thrilled....


  1. I made almond cookies I found on pinterest last night! It involved me going to TWO stores on my lunch yesterday and paying $5.19 for almond extract. Damn pinterest .....

  2. We have our favorite Christmas treats too.