Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

10 Things To Do Before Christmas

  1. Giftcards - I leave these to the very end because I hate them. I understand they are easy, but something about them just rubs me wrong. They never seem like enough, $25, really? But when I have to buy 5 of them at once and shell out over $100, I am annoyed.
  2. Watch 13 Christmas Movies - We are woefully behind on our holiday movies. I have no excuse, other than our level of laziness must have decreased from previous years. We have a Christmas chorus concert tonight, so I am going to have to do nothing but sit on my ass all day and watch Rankin & Bass if we are gonna pull this off.
  3. Stocking Stuffers - Another little thing that annoys me. After 24 Advent gifts and paying out the national debt in chocolate chips to make every melty, peanut butter treat on pintrest, sticking a shiny new penny and a clementine in that stocking seems like a good idea.
  4. Knitting - I have 1.5 slippers to knit and felt. I have 5 secret knitted gifts to finish for my aunts and a hat to line and finish.....by Friday (this is where those movies come in!)
  5. Christmas Cards - My cards are done and have been for weeks. They are sitting on the back sit of my car, sorted and ready for stamps. See gift cards and stocking stuffers.....annoyed.
  6. Christmas Lights - All month I have wanted to go see the Christmas light show at the lake. Now we are into the last week before Christmas and I am running out of opportunities.
  7. Christmas Eve - We are having people over, I guess I should have a plan....
  8. Be Thankful - I desperately want a moment to sit in the glow of the tree lights and appreciate all that we have. I am too busy making it happen to enjoy it.
  9. Bruggers Bagels - These bagels have been a tradition since my mom died and my dad used them to replace a big Christmas morning breakfast. Our local shop was chased out of town by Tim Horton's and their crappy bagels. My husband will have to get us some from the "big city"
  10. Pickle Present - Every year we hid the pickle ornament in the tree and the kid gets an extra present if she can find it. It still must be hid and a special gift selected.
Well, I thought I was pretty caught up until I started this list. Thanks a lot, Carole.


I HATE THE POST OFFICE. I finally psyched myself up to go in and buy $30 worth of stamps for my Christmas cards, only to be told EACH CARD required another .20 cent stamp because they were too small!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! This is why snail mail is dead. I will not be sending the "too small" cards at .64 cents each. To all of my friends and family who are waiting by their mailbox for our annual card, go inside and have a cookie and hot toddy because that shit ain't coming....


  1. I can help you out - I stopped sending Christmas cards because of the cost, I always have a stack of gift cards available from picking one up each grocery trip for "unexpected" presents, I'll donate my watched movie time to you so that you are now surpassed your required number (lol) and as soon as I figure out the whole stocking situation (I feel the same way you do at the moment), I'll let you know.

    Great list.

  2. oh, 4 the old days when a clementine and hey penny were just enough, laura ingalls.

  3. What lake has a Christmas light show?? LOVE your list - we all can relate!

  4. I ditched the cards years ago. My cute baby girl is now 16 and could care less about having her picture taken to put on a Christmas card. Unless it's going to end up on Facebook where other teens can "admire" her and tell her how "beautiful" she is. Please...

    We sadly lost Bruggers too. Dunkin Donuts ran them out of here. Really??? There is no comparison there.