Thursday, January 26, 2012

And then wine came out my nose...

My sister has lived more places than I have even visited. She's a mover and sometimes I am lucky enough that she picks a place near me and sometimes I am not so lucky. Last year she and her sweet boyfriend moved away from a near-to-me spot to a not-so-close one. So I went from weekend visits to phone calls and emails. 

We spent a lot of our teen age years trying to kill each other, but now we see the worth of the other. Our mother would be releived, there were times I know she was at her wits end with us and our fighting.

I miss my sister.

This week she came home for about 24 hours and I got to spend a small amount of that time with her!!  We had a big family dinner and lots of laughs. After everyone went home we had a grown up sleep over, complete with wine and inappropriate stories.

Now she is gone, but I have been reminded that there is no one I love like my sister.

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