Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

10 Movies I Want To Watch Right Now!

What movie don't I want to watch right now? I love movies and could sit and watch them all day if it was an an acceptable way to make a living. Movies are such a wonderful escape from our own lives, aren't they?  There are places I will never go and situations I will never find myself in just waiting for me at the movies.  To have that kind of freedom available to you almost makes that expensive popcorn worth it, huh?

1. Contraband - Mark Wahlberg is my boyfriend and I will watch any movie he is in, even Plant of the Apes.

2. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Absolutely loved the first one!  Robert Downey is amazing!  When I think of how he turned his life around after he almost became his character in Less Than Zero, I am so proud of him!

3. The Grey - One of my top five movies is The Edge with Alec Baldwin. This one looks like it might be similar, just with snow and wolves.

4. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - I read all three of these books and watched all three of the Swedish version movies. To say that I loved them would be an understatement. I hope the US and Daniel Craig doesn't fuck 'em up.

5. The Woman In Black - I love a good creepy, period piece. I also think Daniel and Emma are the only two HPer's that will go on to do many great things (sorry Rupert). Finally, any movie poster with dead-eye babies has to be good.

6. Safe House - Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

7. The Secret World of Arrietty - My favorite book of my childhood was The Complete Adventures of the Borrowers by Mary Norton. I loved it so much I stole my copy from St. Mary's Parochial School in the eighth grade, HELL BE DAMNED!!!

8. Hunger Games - I read all three of the books in this series in the week between Christmas and New Year on my Kindle. I love Peeta.

9. Raiders of the Lost Ark - I have no idea why but every time I have the urge to sit down and do nothing this movie comes to mind. It's my happy place.....

10. Dark Shadows - I use to watch this show when I was a kid at my grandparents house, they got all the cool Canadian channels. I remember it was not very scary and I kind of thought it might be dirty because all the women had heaving bosoms. I'm interested to see how that translates to the big screen.

Now I have laundry to do.

Dinner to make for tonight and tomorrow night.

My house is dirty and needs cleaning, but I think I'll go see if Indy can find that damn lost ark...

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