Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breaking News....

Did you hear?

Whitney Houston died.

Are you sad?

Are you surprised?

Are you worried about Bobbie Kristina?

Let me tell you my opinion...

...I just don't care.

I don't care that Whitney, a habitual drug abuser for the last 20+ years, was so drunk/high/sleepy that she drowned HERSELF in her tub.

I will agree with all the "friends and fans" that have come out of nowhere that she was extremely talented.  I love her songs, my iPod is full of them.  Although I don't remember this many "friends and fans" during the Being Bobby Brown years. I don't agree that we should have to listen to everyone who has ever met her talk about her talent and her comeback that was just over the horizon. She decided a very long time ago what she wanted to do with the talent she had.  She made a choice as to how she wanted to live her life.

I am already sick of every channel rehashing her surprising and tragic end. I feel like 24 hour, constant coverage is unnecessary. Tragically, it was no surprise.

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