Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweet Surprise

The other day while running errands in the city I thought to myself, "I should buy my husband a sandwich and take it to him at his office." His job has been hectic and stressful this summer and it seemed like just the right sweet surprise.

I went to my favorite sub shop when I was in high school, but they were long gone. It was a video game store now. So I decided to run down the street and go to the Southside Deli, still a great place. I pulled in the back parking lot and gave my husband a call to make sure he was even in his office. He does a lot of field work and could be anywhere! He answered with a frustrated hello and told me he was at a customer's house waiting for an electrician to repair some damage one of his techs had made.

"I was just going to bring you a sandwich for lunch, but obviously you are not in your office."

"Where are you?"

"In the parking lot behind full belly deli..."

"Wait a second I'll call you right back." I sat there in the hot car for a minute and then got out to stand in the parking lot and wait for my call. I looked up he was walking right down the middle of the street towards me!!! I was so surprised! He made my stomach flip smiling at me like that.

He was right next door the whole time!! We walked into the deli and ordered some lunch together and then went about our day... what a sweet surprise.

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