Monday, August 23, 2010

the girls


I have wanted chickens for years. At first the husband was not on board, he is not a farm kid like me, and he didn’t know what to expect. The day I said we didn’t need to have a rooster to have chickens and eggs a light went on.

“Really? How do you get eggs?" Well...after a short sex education lesson he agreed to chickens.

It took a few more years, but last spring we brought home 9 little yellow bundles from the farm store. They were so tiny and cute that I didn’t mind that they lived in my dining room for a few weeks.


They are outside now and in their own little cute house. We have had hours of entertainment from them. They have such funny personalities and we can really tell who is who. The waiting to see who is a rooster and who is a hen has been the hardest part!


A few weeks ago we came home from a camping trip to find 3 eggs in the coop! The number has steadily gone up to 8 eggs a day!! Considering the news about tainted eggs recently I would say our girls were right on time!!

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