Sunday, August 22, 2010

home sweet home

IMG_3758Our girl is home again. Seven days without hearing her talk, slam a door or laugh. Every year I think it will be easier, but it never is.

The husband and I enjoy our time together, but we are a unit of three and we feel her missing-ness.

We had friends over, ate fancy meals she would never have eaten and watched R rated movies. We went for drives, had happy hour and made each other laugh. But in the background, under the noise was a sadness, a loneliness for our girl.

We are all together now and complete. I still catch myself staring at her, she has changed so much in a week. The way she talks, her brace-less smile is still new and I didn’t have time to get accustomed to it before she left. She is so tall, so beautiful that it takes my breath away.

I look at her and I see my chubby, blue eyed baby staring back at me from a teenagers body. It goes so fast and I don’t want to miss it, not even seven days worth...

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