Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 10 – 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today I am supposed to talk about something I am afraid of. Hmmm, I am a famous worrier and I could really get into this one. I think it’s best if I am brief.

I am afraid of something bad happening to my daughter, heartbreak, sickness, abduction. I have had a moments panic over them all.

I am afraid of big trucks and the thruway. All those cars going by me so fast make my heart start beating wildly and merging!? forget about it.

I am afraid of my husband losing his job. A good job is only as secure as the day you have it. You just never know anymore. We are not prepared for such a thing.

I am afraid of getting old and sick. We visit my father in law in the nursing home and I think about how horrible it would be to be sick.

I am afraid of someone hurting my family and not being able to stop them.

Sometimes I am just plain afraid.

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