Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7 – 30 Day Challenge

Today’s challenge is to talk about your favorite movies.


I am a movie kind of girl. My idea of a perfect evening is a good dinner (at home) a glass of wine, a knitting project and a movie.

If you give me an actor’s name and a tiny blurb of plot I can usually tell you the movie. Before we had information bars at the bottom of our TV screen telling us what was playing my husband used to flip through and I could tell him what was playing after a second or two. He still calls me when there is a dispute between friends about what some movie was. My grandparents also rely on me for movie facts for their daily crossword puzzles.

I have lots of favorites, and for lots of reasons.

Some movies I watch every year, they bring to mind a certain memory and they comfort me.

1500-1251gone-with-the-wind-posters11I watch this one every year when I take down the Christmas decorations on New Years Day. I love it. imagesCAG5THN2I love to watch this one when there is a horrible storm out. When I hear the Laura theme I am instantly transported to my Aunt Sherry’s house and laying in their waterbed. They had the coolest TV shelf unit that rotated from the living room to the bedroom. My sister and I laid in the bed listening to the movie they were watching.

I have some favorites that are all about the music. I don’t even have to really watch, I just listen.

imagesCA19RP85My mother, my sister and I watched this movie so many times I can’t tell you. We knew the words to every song and sang them all the time. I have this soundtrack on my iPod and I still sing ‘em loud and proud.



My love of Elvis is well known. This is movie fits into my action favorite category as well as the music one. I just love to turn it on and listen to him croon.

imagesCA7H2H3CI think this one needs no explanation. I have this soundtrack on my iPod to and I can rock the hell out of the The Lonely Goatherd.

Then there are the action ones. These are another kind of comfort movie. I can watch them over and over.

imagesCAICIXETI am not a huge Angie fan, but there is something about her English accent in this movie that makes me like her more. Daniel Craig doesn’t hurt either...

movieposterI love Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn, so this movie just works for me.

intoblue05Paul Walker is nearly naked in this whole movie. Throw in some Josh Brolin and Scott Cann...hell yeah.

Finally, there are the holiday ones. I watch these every year. It just doesn’t seem like a holiday is real without them.

dutchThis is our favorite Thanksgiving movie. I have been trying to buy it for years. It is outrageously expensive. We get it every year from the library or Netflix.

imagesCA2JAHV2Our second must-watch of turkey day is this one. John Candy is a comedic genius...nuff said.


It is not Christmas till we have seen Chevy and all his antics at least once.

10I am the only one that likes to watch this one every Easter. I love it, Yul Brenner is the best!

Believe it or not this is just the tip of the iceberg where my favorite movies are concerned. I could go on and on, but I’d rather go watch a movie...

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  1. I think you must be my long lost sister!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and watch EVERY single one of them! lol Love it :D