Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Reasons To Be Glad It's Spring

1. I have reached my limit in winter weight gain. I need Spring and long, light evenings out in the yard instead of in my chair with my knitting.
2. Camping! I have been booking campsites for the summer since January...I can't wait much longer.
3. Vegetable gardening is in my mind and I am anxious to plant my early spring lettuce and other delicious greens.
4. Summer, because it's coming you know...
5. Hot dogs on the grill, with pickles and chips.
6. Mowing, I love to mow the lawn with my iPod in my ears and singing as loud as I can (to the delight of my neighbors)
7. Long walks around the block after dinner ♥
8. Easter dinner by the creek with friends.
9. My beautiful baby's fourteenth birthday.
10. Another long season of sun is coming!!!

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