Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday


10 Favorite Snacks

  1. [Dill Pickles] My grandmother used to (and still does) can the most fantastic dill pickles every summer. We spent a lot of time at my grandparents house when I was growing up, just hanging out and watching TV. My sister and I would go down cellar and get a quart jar of pickles and systematically eat every single one.
  2. [Doritos] I have an unhealthy obsession with these delicious treats. My mother suffered from this as well. She would eat them until she got a headache. I don’t get the headache, but I could easily eat the whole bag.
  3. [Cheese] I love all kinds of cheese, hard, soft and spreadable. I love cheese on crackers and cheese on fruit, cheese on pie and cheese on cheese. I love it cold or hot and melted and gooey…... I
  4. [Chocolate] My favorite chocolate to have is just a small piece to pop in my mouth after a meal. I love to finish something savory off with a little sweet. DOVE dark chocolate singles is my current favorite.
  5. [Yogurt] Chobani Greek yogurt is delicious. A little bowl with some peaches, cinnamon, honey and a small sprinkle of granola is like a delicious peach cobbler...mmmmmmmm
  6. [Hummus] Homemade is the best with carrots and pita chips.
  7. [Turkey Pepperoni] Hormel makes great TP. It’s not greasy and 17 of them is a single serving for 1 point. They are so good!
  8. [Popcorn] This is another great memory from my childhood and time spent at my grandparents house. My grandma had a special bowl for popcorn and I have spent years trying to find one just like it.
  9. [Cookies] Just out of the oven oatmeal cookies can not possible be beat.
  10. [Saltine Crackers] After school my sister and I would get a sleeve of crackers and a jar of Ragu tomato sauce. Dip the crackers in the sauce and enjoy! My Aunt Molly taught us this and we thought it was the best thing we had ever had!

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  1. My Mom used to "tests" her spagetti sauce by putting a spoonful on a small bowl of the small saltines (oyster crackers). I still love that too