Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

10 Reasons to Use the Public Library
I am very excited about this topic. I have worked at my local public library for 10 years! It has been my very favorite job and I have had many, ice cream scooper, pizza maker, bank teller and county employee, but library assistant has been the best!
  1. Your public library has 1000's of resources available for free! In this economy the more fun things you can find to do with your family for free the better!
  2. Not only can you come check out a good book, but you can get a newly released DVD, an audio book, a Playaway, a video game, tax forms, copies, faxes, notary public, concerts, family movie night, a free book for you NOOK, story time for the little ones so many things.
  3. The people at the library are the best, their main goal is to find you something good to read, what a great job!
  4. When you walk in the door, you are transported, to a quieter place, a calmer place, a place where all that laundry waiting to be done...just doesn't matter.
  5. You can sit and read the paper, any paper, even The New York Times if that is what you want.
  6. It's the only place you can walk into and say, "I found the weirdest looking frog in my backyard! Can you tell me what it is?" and they will tell you.
  7. When you want to spoil your little ones, but just don't have that extra money this week. You can take them to the library, cuddle up in a beanbag and read them a story. They will think you are the moon and the stars ♥
  8. You can use the Internet or a wifi connection, for free.
  9. You can research you family history and find out you might be related to a king or a murderer.
  10. You can learn a new language, get help with your homework or just find the next best thing for you to read!
Make sure you go visit your library and maybe you will see me!

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