Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Things For Which You Are Thankful

  1. My husband. The day I decided to marry this man was a good day indeed. We have had our hard times, but they have only proven to us that we belong together and that nothing is as good as laughing and loving.
  2. My friends. I have awesome friends that make me laugh and cry and love me. We have so much fun together that it is almost indecent.
  3. My family. Somehow two messed up people were given the most perfect gift of a child. I am blessed.
  4. My home. I love my house, I love it's broken down parts and making them whole again. I love being tucked up in it, with my two favorite people. I love having people over to share it with us.
  5. My sister.  I wish I could spend more time with her. When I think of all the years living together in the same house that we wasted plotting each others death I am sad, because now that I am not 15 I realize just how awesome she is.
  6. My dog. No one loves you like your dog. I have been lucky enough to have had two of the best dogs ever.
  7. My knitting. I can't tell you how many times sitting and calmly knitting has stopped me from killing someone.
  8. My mother. The nineteen short years that I had her, she taught me the skills I needed to have the  life I have now.
  9. My wine. See knitting.
  10. My Kelly. Sometimes you find a friend that you have always needed, but didn't know until you found her.


  1. I am LOLing about your #9 - see my list and you'll completely understand! :)
    Also, as a doggy parent, check out my current Planet Dog giveaway (ends tonight) and jYOUlry giveaway... I think you'll be interested to enter!
    Happy ToT!

  2. What a beautiful list! It so heartfelt and thoughtful :-)