Monday, November 21, 2011

And The Moral of the Story Is....

The other day, while dropping my high school-er off in my nightie, my car started to get v.....e......r.....y.....s....l.....o.....w. I crossed my fingers and hoped I would make it home.  When I got to the small hill before my house I had my slipper down to the floorboards and I was maybe hitting 20mph. There was also a strange humming noise coming out of the engine.

I made it to our driveway and had the foresight to back in so I could be towed to our mechanic later.  I called my husband and my mechanic and they both told me to get the car to the garage as soon as possible.  Luckily, it is mostly down hill so I was able to coast the whole way, no tow truck needed.

I almost immediately got a call from my mechanic,

"Lisa, who else works on your car?"
"No one, I would only let you touch my engine!"
But even as I said the words I remembered getting an lube, oil and filter from a dinky (and cheaper) little place behind the flower shop in town this summer. 


"Well, the top to your air filter is off. The cable that connects your air filter to your car's computer is unplugged and hanging there."
Double shit.

"Ummmm, I guess Jon did it....."
Sorry honey, but someone had to get thrown under the bus and I didn't think he'd believe our 14 year old did it.  He fixed everything up, and not cheaply. I promised to never let my husband touch my car again and silently promised to never take it to the dip shit behind the flower shop either.

On my way to work this morning my check engine light came on again....that's what I get for lying.

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