Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chevron Scarf

This is primarily a knitting blog and I am primarily a knitter, with all other domestic duties falling to the way side. So, I thought it was about time I talk about some knitting!  While I still had sunshine I wanted to get some pictures of this beautiful scarf.  It is my two favorite things, Noro and chevron stitch.

It came out beautifully, just as I had hoped and I was thrilled to find a use for some of my kuryeon that seems to multiply on my shelves.

We have had a very lazy day here waiting for our great hunter to return. The apple crisp is out of the oven and the beef and barley soup is in the crock pot. I think a nap may be in order.


  1. I LOVE that scarf!! Does the Noro naturally stripe like that?? Is the pattern on Ravelry? I'm kind of sorry I have this afghan project I'm working on instead of something quicker like this scarf or the cable scarf I told you about....

  2. MZ! I used two noro colors, both opposite ends of the spectrum and switched them every two rows. I am excvited to see that pattern, but right now I am still cranking out mittens.

  3. nice. i always like a crisp chevron the kureyon.