Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday

I am a loud person. I talk, a lot. I smile and greet and try to make everyone I meet feel good.

When I am sad, or mad it is very obvious. I am quiet and withdrawn, and I don't really give a shit if you feel good.

Today I must have had 15 people ask me if I was alright.

"You okay?"

"You sure seem quiet."

"Are you not feeling well?"

"What's wrong?'

And I didn't have a good answer for any of them.

It didn't seem right to say,
"Well, it's my mom's birthday today and I haven't been able to kiss her or suprise her with a balloon or maybe a flower or take her out to dinner in over 20 years because she is dead."
I just don't think that is the answer any of them were looking for.


  1. This world lost a bright light when she left it. I miss her too .....

  2. Those special days and anniversaries sure do throw you for a loop, even after many years - I can relate. Wishing you brighter days....

  3. Huggs...our moms are drinking beer and eating chips together today..happy birthday to both...ugh..I remember making toast and coffee with cream for her in bed...miss them....