Thursday, November 10, 2011


So, I kind of suck at this whole write-a-post-everyday-crap. I'm not gonna lie, I take full advantage of the posting options here on blogger. I do a lot of early morning, could'a been yesterday posting.

Today is my first full day without my husband. He has called me twice and sent me about 10 emails, he doesn't text. We are so pitiful without each other. I have gone away on trips without him before and I hate it. Same for him, even our daughter gets so homesick that she tends to not spend the night places very often. We are definitely homebodies and we like to be together.

A friend of mine was just talking about girl weekends and how important it is to go away without your families and restore yourself, so you can be a better wife and mother. I just don't think it would be like that for me.

Although having instant mashed potatoes for dinner and watching Green Lantern while enjoying all those half naked Ryan moments is pretty fun....

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