Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas

It is finally December and that means CHRISTMAS!!!!  My very favorite time of year is right now. I have been listening to holiday music for a month already. I have my grocery lists ready so we can start making all of our delicious treats and I have even got some shopping done!

We have had some sort of advent calendar since our teenager was just a baby. We started with one of those cardboard ones that you opened a little door and saw a little picture each day. We had the same one for years and she was just as excited to open that little door as if she hadn't seen it the year before.

Then my Martha Stewart kicked in and I made twenty five little felt mittens that were numbered and we hung one on a tiny tree every morning, another big hit that we used for years.

About two years ago we made a tiny matchbook tower with numbered drawers and put a tiny little gift in each box to be opened every morning. While she loved this one, I found it hard to find things that would fit in the small boxes.  No reason to add this kind of stress to the holidays.

This year I decided to knit twenty five mittens and hang them on a garland. I finished the 23rd mitten last night and had to admit to myself that I couldn't do them all before the first of December. So I concentrated on the ones I had and two will just be a little late to the party!

She woke up this morning and was thrilled, of course that might be because we can fit bigger presents in the mittens, but I like to think it's because she realizes all of the love her mother knit into each one. 

Yeah, it's the bigger gifts....


  1. I was surprised to see how big your mittens are - I thought you were talking about mini, mini ones!! Great ideas - I really like the early felt mittens on a small tree - I'll have to remember that idea when/if I get grandchildren!!
    Happy count-down to Christmas!