Friday, December 2, 2011

Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal.....

Don't let this beautiful girl die in vain.
Please make a stand against bullying.

A freshman from Spencerport, NY committed suicide because of kids that had nothing better to do than bully her and bring her self-esteem down. Her name was Cameron Lee DeVeronica, She was born on 2.16.1997 and she passed away 11.29.2011. I did not know her personally but someone made a page for her and people got on it with fake facebook accounts and continued bullying but I'm going to be sure to do everything in my power to make sure that this does not happen on this page. People need to come together and shut down the bullies in any way they can, we need to make sure that this beautiful girl has not died in vain and something is done to stop them in any way that we can. Not the same way they bullied this beautiful girl though... I don't want you to use words.. no matter how hard it may be because you want to fight back.. Facebook has options to report for a reason, lets use them. I will delete and remove anything I see as soon as I can and if you see it before I do REPORT, REPORT, REPORT!!! The more you feed into this, the more they will come back. LETS MAKE A DIFFERENCE PEOPLE! Lets make this page about honoring Cameron and all those others out there being bullied! Lets make this a page they can come to and see that there are people out there that care, even if they haven't met them yet...

*That girl or guy next to you that may not have the best clothes, or the perfect hair or figure, or money, or may not look "good"... but they may have the best, sweetest, funniest, caring personality than anyone you will ever meet in your life...and you wouldn't know it because you don't want to take the chance to get to know them because of how they look... next time think about this...and walk up and start a conversation with them... maybe you'll come to understand that looks and clothes aren't everything...and that person could be your best friend*

This picture and description were taken from the RIP Cameron DeVeronica page on facebook.  These words are mine.

I know this little girl, she has been here in our home and laughed with my own daughter. I can't even imagine what her parents must be feeling right now. I can't imagine what she must have been feeling to do this. The sadness, the loneliness and the creeping doubt in herself must have been horrible.

Why? What makes kids do this to each other? How does it happen? Who's at fault? Does anyone think their child could torment another so badly that they would rather die than face another day of it?  I can't imagine my daughter being that cruel. But somebodies daughter was, somewhere there is a girl or more like two or three, that did this.  How do they feel? How does their mother feel?

My daughter has been bullied. She has been made fun of. She's been harassed. Each time it broke my heart. I held her while she cried and asked me why.  I tried to make it better and I tried to help her work through it.  Time passes and things change.

That's what I wish I could say to Cameron, that even though right now is bad, it will get better. 

I wish she had time for it to get better.....


  1. I will never understand how others think they will feel better by hurting someone else. My heart goes out to you.

  2. So sorry to hear about the lose of a child. We need to work to get laws in place making Bullying a crime. Schools need to step up to the plate and teach these kids what the consequences of bullying can create. RIP Cameron. You are one of Gods angels and nobody can ever hurt you again.

  3. ... I just found this...this was copied and pasted directly from the facebook page that I made "Rest in Peace Cameron Lee DeVeronica 11.29.11 - stand up against bullies" under my description... thank you for posting this to another site and getting the word out there! -Ashley (facebook page admin for page mentioned above)

  4. i cant say i have never made fun or judged someone else but it really isnt worth the chance of me being the reason someone takes their own life. No idea who this person is but her story will certainly change my outlook on things