Saturday, December 10, 2011

And that's why I love him....

Yesterday was our sixteenth wedding anniversary and we decided, after many years of threatening it, to each take the day off and spend it together. After we shipped the teenager off to school and we got back in bed and snuggled under the still warm blankets to discuss what we would do with our stolen time.

  1. Definitely a big breakfast. ( I made french toast and fruit salad)
  2. An after-breakfast nap. (there was no sleeping hehehehehehe)
  3. Visit dad at the nursing home. (not very romantic, but we managed to have a few laughs)
  4. Make our first trip to the local Amish Country Store.

This is where I stop to tell you how adorable and sweet my husband is.  While I was bent over in the bakery isle, checking out the delicious goodies, he put a small box with a bow nestled in amongst the pies!  It was a complete surprise! (I know you started thinking dirty after "bent over", shame on you)

We finished up with a family Christmas shopping trip to the city and a very disappointing dinner at The Melting Pot.

A good day. After all these years together he still knows how to surprise me.


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