Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hustle & Flow

We are in full holiday tilt over here and the month seems to be flying. Today is my one day off a week and I have so many little details to work on that I almost want to just sit in my chair and knit to a marathon of National Treasure, do you ever feel like that?

Here are some bullet points of the last 13 days....

  • The sun porch (cold room) is full of fudge, white trash, cookies, peanut butter balls and a Oreo/Reese's combo that is still in the works. Even with all that chocolate some people still ask me if there is anything good to eat, jeesh....
  • We are behind on our Christmas movie list, but we have not given up. We took a break to watch Friends With Benefits, JT was adorable.
  • We have been to one Christmas get together and we have another one this weekend, yay!
  • I am completely caught up with wrapping and now am just doing them up as they arrive.
  • We had a dusting of snow that is melting away as we speak and the child is getting nervous about her white Christmas.

Now I think I will go toss a coin to see what gets done today....

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