Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 05: My Hometown

My little hometown has been around since 1875.  We are only 25 square miles wide, but we pack a lot of apple orchards and squalor in a tiny place.  Of the 8,000+ people that live here many have peen featured on People of Walmart. The crowning glory of small town America.

Once, long ago, before welfare, the correctional facilities and Gurney's, we were an illustrious community.  We have had many famous and important people call our little town home.  I can't think of any of them right now, but there must have been a few.

We have the Erie Canal and Mount Albion Cemetery which is listed in the National Registry of Historical Places.  We have the most fantastic salmon fishing around and people travel 1000's of miles to experience it.  We also have a McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and 2 pizzerias all within feet of each other. People get stabbed at the above mentioned retail location and young girls are murdered and buried in the apple orchards.

My dear friend's son graduates this year and is aching to leave the nest.  Every places he talks of going to is too far away, in mom's opinion.  I understand completely and would feel the same way about my little bird. But then I take a minute and think "What would they do here?  What would they be?"  Getting out seems like a good idea.

I have never wanted to leave, ever.  It's been 43 years and the warmth and love of my family and the familiar has always won over travel and better options, but I know I want my daughter to experience more and have better opportunities.

 I just want her to do it less than an hour away.

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